Commercial & Industrial

We offer our clients with industrial and commercial solutions tailored to their requirements. Our clients comprise of builders, engineers, manufacturers, and farmers. With the ability to arrive on site with state of the art equipment and proven processes we provide our clients with assurance that there will be no downtime delays.

Brick Cleaning

We service all local and major builders and land developers.

Our close relationships with Melbourne based builders is attributable to our high-quality workmanship on every site.

This service is inclusive of a 3-step process of brick cleaning, acid washing, and final brick washing to achieve an impeccable result.

We use the latest technology in high pressure washing equipment and cleaning products. All our equipment is powered by 2016 Honda engines to ensure a platinum result. Each setup is state of the art and equipped with everything that is required to avoid any unforeseen job delays.

We schedule our cleaning at a mutually agreed time at the client’s convenience.

High and Low Rise Buildings

We are fully equipped with all the equipment and requirements. Our well-trained professionals can effectively clean any high and low rise building.

We know that buildings are not easy to clean, which is why the cleaning process needs to be conducted with a high attention to detail while also keeping in mind OHS procedures to prevent any falls from heights.

Our technicians have all required training and documentation including to safely and effectively execute a job of this nature.

Aquatic and Fitness Centres

Along with pressure cleaning inside the pool, we offer surface cleaning around the pools, inside and outside the showers, and changing rooms. We use hygiene testing equipment by Hygiena to ensure that all the areas have been cleaned to a set standard that we have maintained with every job we do.

With the advantage of Hygiena’s SystemSURE Plus technology, we are not only able to verify the cleanliness of these areas; but we are also able to check the effectiveness of sanitizers and disinfectants that were used in the cleaning process.

Shop Fronts

Shop fronts are one of the most neglected parts of any business, but may well be one of the most important.

Acquire new customers and increase the value of your business by maintaining the image you worked so hard to build.

First impressions are everything when it comes to business so make your shop more presentable and inviting to your customers by consulting the team here at Platinum Pressure Cleaning. This service covers everything from cleaning the walls, roof and windows to cleaning the foot paths so that your shop can shine amongst your competitors.

We can provide you with a cost effective and efficient cleaning solution to revitalize your shop. We schedule these cleans after hours so that your business and customers are not disturbed.

Solar Panel Cleaning

Investing in solar panels is an intelligent and responsible way to save money on your electricity bills and protect the environment, however, solar panels – like all capital assets – requires scheduled maintenance to make sure they are working effectively and increase their lifespan.

Research has found that solar panels that have not been cleaned for up to 5 years can have a reduction in generating potential of up to 33% – that’s a reduction of 6.6% each year!

We currently tend to numerous homes around Victoria on our Solar Panel Cleaning Schedule. We run a once per annum cleaning schedule for all our customers, after the first clean you are logged in our system and we will contact you once a year to arrange a service clean on your panels to ensure they are running at maximum efficiency – taking the hassle off your hands.

The difference between us and the majority of other contractors offering this service is that we only use de-ionized and distilled water to clean the panels. This is because regular tap water will leave a residue and spot stains on the panels minimizing the overall efficiency of the panels.

Rather than use chemicals and harsh abrasives which can damage and scratch the panels but cut the contractors cleaning time in half, we simply spend more time cleaning to get the most optimum clean.

Call us today to schedule an immediate clean so you can start making the most of your solar investment!

Roof & Gutter Cleaning + Gutter Guard

Clogged gutters, downpipes and dirty roofs can cause your gutters to heavily overflow during rainfall and can result in very poor quality rain water in your rainwater collection tanks. This is due to the buildup of leaves, twigs, dirt and debris over time.

We can effectively and affordably unclog your gutters, and clean them thoroughly, to prevent overflow.

With the help of our pressure cleaning services we can certify that the roof and gutters of your property are clean, and functioning properly to avoid the need to replace them.

Untreated, this issue can result in the need to replace your gutters which can be very costly.

As well as collecting better quality rain waiter you will also notice your rainwater tanks are filling up a lot faster, which in turn will create more cost savings.

Unlike most roof and gutter cleaners, we can supply and install Blue Mountain Mesh Gutter Guard Protection. This is highly recommended to prevent the buildup of leaves in the future.

Blue Mountain Mesh product range are made of steel and are fire and corrosion resistant.

See full list of products here

Call now for a free inspection and quote.

Timber Decks

Timber decks are a great addition to any commercial space, but due to the dirt and debris outside, they are only not as clean and fresh as they once were. With time, they accumulate mold, many layers of dust, and numerous stains on the timber deck that can be extremely difficult and time consuming to clean with standard cleaning equipment and tools.

This not only negatively impacts the appearance of the deck but can also pose as a safety hazard to your staff and customers.

The buildup of dirt and mold can create a dangerously slippery surface when a small amount of water is present on the deck.

We can provide you with a full cleaning service that is efficient and effective. With our professional grade pressure cleaning equipment, and chemical cleaning agents we can get your deck looking like new and eliminate the risk of any slips and falls.


Pressure cleaning the silos will help maximize the efficiency of the silos storage.

We cover animal feed soils, grains, granule silos, industrial powder, coffee bean silos, milk soils, etc. As these contain food they need to be cleaned inside and outside to ensure proper working and hygienic use.
With the advantage of Hygiena’s SystemSURE Plus technology, we are not only able to verify the cleanliness of these areas; but we are also able to check the effectiveness of sanitizers and disinfectants that were used in the cleaning process.

Factories & Warehouses

We offer pressure washing of factories and warehouses, as these areas can contain be extremely difficult and time intense to clean without the help of our Platinum professionals. So, let us worry about keeping your workplace safe, clean, and presentable so you can focus on operating the workplace.

Storage Spaces

We offer our services to clean inside and outside storage spaces, as with time mold and mildew can grow in enclosed spaces. With the help of our services you will be able to get your storage space clean, and eliminate the risk of growing contaminants.

Graffiti Removal

Graffiti has the characteristic ability to spread the same way a disease does. The longer you let it sit the more it grows as vandalizers see an opportunity to make their mark. It is an easy and instant way to destroy the legitimacy of your business and will ruin the professional appeal of any space.

Other removal methods can be very costly and time consuming. There is only one effective and time efficient way to remove this unwanted graffiti and that is by using our pressure cleaning services.

Our professional cleaners will be able to clean the entire space using specially formulated chemicals and professional grade equipment, leaving behind a surface cleaner than before.

Drain Cleaning

We use high quality pressure nozzle fixtures.

We attach the nozzle to our Honda Powered pressure washer and adjust the pressure appropriately as we need to keep in mind the flow and pressure of the pump. These small nozzles can get into any space, and clear out anything that’s blocking drain pipes. With our pressure cleaning, we will be able to effectively remove all the gunk, to ensure proper function of drains.

We offer our pressure cleaning services to all industrial and commercial areas. We are here to take care of all the cleaning needs you might require for your business. We are fully equipped and ready to take on any cleaning challenge.

Platinum Promise

At Platinum Pressure Cleaning Aus we strive for excellence and absolute client satisfaction in all our work.

That’s why our promise is an on-time, quality clean or the job is free.