Every city council has the responsibility to keep the municipality clean and safe by way of maintenance. We work with councils to ensure their needs are met on a regular basis. We operate around the clock at the councils’ convenience to avoid any delays in the cleaning process. A high level of workmanship and reliability is guaranteed with every job.


As there is so much foot traffic around the city, it is natural for these places to accumulate a lot of dirt, grease, and mold.

To help the city look clean and maintain our high livability title we offer cleaning of sidewalks, streets, pavements, etc. we can cover all the areas that come under the city council.


The historic and other building in the town fall under the local city council’s duty. As these buildings need to look presentable at all times, we recommend our professional pressure cleaning services which are cost effective and efficient. With our services, we can help the council keep the city clean and tidy.

Graffiti Removal

Graffiti has the characteristic ability to spread the same way a disease does. The longer you let it sit the more it grows as vandalizers see an opportunity to make their mark.

Other removal methods can be very costly and time consuming. There is only one effective and time efficient way to remove this unwanted graffiti and that is by using our pressure cleaning services.

Our professional cleaners will be able to clean the entire space using specially formulated chemicals and professional grade equipment, leaving behind a surface cleaner than before.

Drain Cleaning

We use high quality pressure nozzle fixtures.

We attach the nozzle to our Honda Powered pressure washer and adjust the pressure appropriately as we need to keep in mind the flow and pressure of the pump. These small nozzles can get into any space, and clear out anything that’s blocking drain pipes. With our pressure cleaning, we will be able to effectively remove all the gunk, to ensure proper function of drains.

Aquatic Centers & Recreational Facilities

Places with high foot traffic are a hub of bacteria. Especially places like recreational facilities and aquatic centers. We will not only clean inside the pools, we will even clean the surfaces around the areas; showers, change rooms, toilet areas etc.

To ensure that the services we are providing with are up to hygienic standards; we run a Hygiena SystemSURE Plus test. Which helps us ensure that each and every space is cleaned up to the desired level. With the help of Hygiena’s SystemSURE Plus technology, we are not only able to verify the cleanliness of these areas; but we are also able to check the effectiveness of sanitizers and disinfectants that were used in the cleaning process.

Our services are available 24 hours to best suit your requirements. We can create a schedule for this service on specified intervals to maintain health and safety requirements of these areas.

Tennis Court Cleaning

Is your tennis court covered in mold, dirt, and full of stains? Then our pressure cleaning services can help you bring your tennis court back to its original state in no time.

We have all the tools, equipment, and manpower to ensure that we can effectively and efficiently clean your tennis court with the help of our high-pressure cleaning services.

We start by removing the dirt and debris that have accumulated over time. We then use professional grade products and equipment to clean out the entire court, and to ensure that no stain is left behind.

Once we have finished the cleaning process, our team will do one final inspection to ensure there is no damage to the court before signing off.

Platinum Promise

At Platinum Pressure Cleaning Aus we strive for excellence and absolute client satisfaction in all our work.

That’s why our promise is an on-time, quality clean or the job is free.