Whether you need a small driveway washed or every nook and cranny around your home, we’ve got you. We cover the main areas around your home, and offer an extensive range of professional high pressure cleaning services.

Your home is an extension of you and your family so we understand how important it is to maintain the physical appearance of your home, deck, patio, driveway etc. Re-create the ambiance in your home by giving it a much-deserved facelift.

Brick & House Washing

Give your home a facelift with our house washing services! After a few years, the bricks or render on the outside of a home start to gather a lot of dirt. As we do not maintain a proper cleaning schedule for the exterior of our home, it starts to look dirty and rundown.

The easiest and most cost-effective way to renew your home and dramatically increase the value of your home is by utilizing our brick washing services; we will be able to bring out the original colour and look of the brick or rendered walls.

Whether you are looking to increase the value and appeal of your home before you or sell or whether you simply want to give your home an overdue makeover, we can offer you Complete House Wash Packages to suit your needs.

Complete House Wash Packages (CHWPs) can be tailored to your budget and can include a wide range of exterior cleaning services that you can choose from.

CHWPs can include (but not limited to) driveways, walls, fences, eaves, roof, carports, pergolas, decks, pools, patios, gutters and windows.

Driveway & Paver Cleaning

One of the places that suffer the most wear and tear outside your home is your driveway. It is constantly in use, which is why it can start looking dull and dirty after some time.

With our pressure washing services, you will be able to add more kerb appeal to your home; your driveway will be free of all the years of built up dirt, oil stains, mold and fungus. Whether your driveway is concrete, pavers, tiles or just about any other hard surface, we can have it looking like new again in no time.

We also offer a weed killing service whereby we either use Roundup Weedkiller or blow torch the weeds. This is typically done before the washing and sealing process.

Concrete & Paver Sealing

Once you have your concrete washed, it is highly recommended that you get a concrete sealing service done to complete the restoration process.

Once your concrete is sealed no water, dirt, oil, or mold would be able to break through the seal. This is the ultimate way to greatly increase the life of your concrete as it will prevent seepage, cracking, flaking and spalling of the concrete, as well as ensuring the safety and security of the people who will be walking on it; as it offers users a safe non-slippery space to walk on even during rain. The same goes for pavers and any other hard exterior surface.

Many factors need to be considered when applying sealant to ensure a pristine result. We use a high quality specially formulated sealer and ensure the concrete is desiccated before applying the sealant.

We recommend you avoid DIY to prevent any unevenness and discoloration in the concrete when applying concrete sealant.

Weatherboard Washing

Weatherboards can accumulate a lot of dust and stains over the years. You will soon come to realize that painting them is not the only solution, you can achieve a freshly painted look for a fraction of the cost by using high pressure cleaning.

We have the best professional grade equipment on the market that gives us the ability us to adjust pressure for softer surfaces such as weatherboards. This effectively allows our trained operators to clean and restore the surface

Roof & Gutter Cleaning + Gutter Guard

Clogged gutters, downpipes and dirty roofs can cause your gutters to heavily overflow during rainfall and can result in very poor quality rain water in your rainwater collection tanks. This is due to the buildup of leaves, twigs, dirt and debris over time.

We can effectively and affordably unclog your gutters, and clean them thoroughly, to prevent overflow.

With the help of our pressure cleaning services we can certify that the roof and gutters of your property are clean, and functioning properly to avoid the need to replace them.

Untreated, this issue can result in the need to replace your gutters which can be very costly.

As well as collecting better quality rain waiter you will also notice your rainwater tanks are filling up a lot faster, which in turn will create more cost savings.

Unlike most roof and gutter cleaners, we can supply and install Blue Mountain Mesh Gutter Guard Protection. This is highly recommended to prevent the buildup of leaves in the future.

Blue Mountain Mesh product range are made of steel and are fire and corrosion resistant.

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Solar Panel Cleaning

Investing in solar panels is an intelligent and responsible way to save money on your electricity bills and protect the environment, however, solar panels – like all capital assets – requires scheduled maintenance to make sure they are working effectively and increase their lifespan.

Research has found that solar panels that have not been cleaned for up to 5 years can have a reduction in generating potential of up to 33% – that’s a reduction of 6.6% each year!

We currently tend to numerous homes around Victoria on our Solar Panel Cleaning Schedule. We run a once per annum cleaning schedule for all our customers, after the first clean you are logged in our system and we will contact you once a year to arrange a service clean on your panels to ensure they are running at maximum efficiency – taking the hassle off your hands.

The difference between us and the majority of other contractors offering this service is that we only use de-ionized and distilled water to clean the panels. This is because regular tap water will leave a residue and spot stains on the panels minimizing the overall efficiency of the panels.

Rather than use chemicals and harsh abrasives which can damage and scratch the panels but cut the contractors cleaning time in half, we simply spend more time cleaning to get the most optimum clean.

Call us today to schedule an immediate clean so you can start making the most of your solar investment!

Timber Decks

Due to all the daily wear and tear of the weather, timber decks are prone to accumulating dirt and stains after some time.

This can be extremely difficult and time consuming to clean yourself. Most people get their deck repainted once they have exhausted trying to clean it themselves, don’t make this costly mistake.

An easier and inexpensive way to restore its natural look is by calling us in for a professional pressure cleaning service. We will be able to use high pressure combined with specific commercial grade chemicals to clear out all the dirt and stains from your timber deck, effectively restoring it to its original look.

Swimming Pools

A dirty swimming pool can transmit many diseases. Surfaces around the pool can get dangerously slippery, ultimately due to a build-up of mold, which is why the swimming pool and the surfaces around need to be cleaned from time to time.

Our pool cleaning services will ensure a hygienic cleaning process. We will not just be washing away dirt, we will also wash away the algae that starts to grow in pools.

With the advantage of Hygiena’s SystemSURE Plus technology, we are not only able to verify the cleanliness of these areas; but we are also able to check the effectiveness of sanitizers and disinfectants that were used in the cleaning process.

Graffiti Removal

Graffiti has the characteristic ability to spread the same way a disease does. The longer you let it sit the more it grows as vandalizers see an opportunity to make their mark.

Other removal methods can be very costly and time consuming. There is only one effective and time efficient way to remove this unwanted graffiti and that is by using our pressure cleaning services.

Our professional cleaners will be able to clean the entire space using specially formulated chemicals and professional grade equipment, leaving behind a surface cleaner than before.

Tennis Court Cleaning

Is your tennis court covered in mold, dirt, and full of stains? Then our pressure cleaning services can help you bring your tennis court back to its original state in no time.

We have all the tools, equipment, and manpower to ensure that we can effectively and efficiently clean your tennis court with the help of our high-pressure cleaning services.

We start by removing the dirt and debris that have accumulated over time. We then use professional grade products and equipment to clean out the entire court, and to ensure that no stain is left behind.

Once we have finished the cleaning process, our team will do one final inspection to ensure there is no damage to the court before signing off.

Platinum Promise

At Platinum Pressure Cleaning Aus we strive for excellence and absolute client satisfaction in all our work.

That’s why our promise is an on-time, quality clean or the job is free.